You are currently viewing 21 ways Real Estate Agents can get tremendous value from Unlimited Graphic Design Packages
Unlimited Graphic Design Packages

21 ways Real Estate Agents can get tremendous value from Unlimited Graphic Design Packages

See all the ways your real estate marketing communication can improve with graphic design.

It’s no secret that successful Real Estate agents need various pieces of graphic design created to effectively market themselves, their client’s properties and business ventures. However, since real estate marketing has so much to do with the credibility and experience of a specific agent, it’s an industry that required lots of fresh and creative marketing material to stand out and remain relevant to your clients, your agency and the real estate community you are involved in. Customized, targeted graphic design allows you to speak more effectively to your target customers and stand out amongst your competitors.

Sure there are many template software or Do-it-Yourself Real Estate design resources and some of these are good software and there may be an appropriate time and place for them. However, consider two main factors:

  1. Time – Factor in the time it takes you to learn this software. Each design template software is different and learning how to use it effectively and efficiently does take some hours
  2. Customization – or lack there of. In addition to using up your time learning the software, many times the software cannot customize the designs the way you want. Have you ever gotten stuck trying to format a certain part and before you know it you’ve wasted 45 minutes with nothing to show for it!?
  3. Uniqueness – while variety of the design template software continues to improve, if you want to be truly unique and have designs built only for your brand you wont be able to do this with a design template software program.

While we are not ‘hating’ on any of these type of graphic design template software, some are better than others. And here at Design Productive we are designers after all and we believe in creating customized design for ALL of our clients. So to help you visualize how you or your real estate agency can make unlimited graphic design affordable – check out some of the ways in which custom built graphic design.

21 Ways Real Estate Agents can Maximize Unlimited Design

Real Estate Unlimited Graphic Design

1. Logo Creation

Why get a logo created if you work for a real estate agency? Even if you work as part of a larger agency, creating your own personal brand’s identity is important. It helps your customers identify with YOU and it’s transferable if you leave to another real estate agency or move out on your own.

Logo Design

          Real Estate Logo Design

2. Feature Sheets

Once you have your personal brand and logo it’s time to apply it to your property feature sheets. Try having your designer create multiple variations of feature sheet layouts for you so depending on the type of property, it can be showcased in the right template.

Real Estate Logo Sheet

3. Unique Graphics for Social Media

Being active on social media is key for any business. Create unique graphics for social media marketing posts. It’s exceptionally important for real estate agents because their name IS their brand. Keeping your social media topped up with fresh, engaging graphics and shareable images is a great way to grow your social reach and showcase your expertise and accomplishments to your fans and followers.

Unique Graphics for Social Media

Social Media Graphic Design

4. Property Photo Editing

Have you ever thought about having a custom filter or treatment added to all your property images? This type of subtle branding can help your feature sheets stand out more and help your properties get noticed.  Get your designer to do photo editing and property image colour correct to make your images pop off the page.

Photo Editing Graphic Design

5. Yard Signs & Open House Signage

Have your designer showcase your brand using your branded graphics and imagery and consider printing with reflective laminate to increase visibility.

Real Estate Yard Signage

6. Survey Design

Develop custom images for surveys sent to current and prospective buyers. Optimize property images.

Custom Graphic Design

7. Infographics

Create a monthly infographics you can share with your current and potential customers highlighting informative real estate facts and figures from the city or region you specialize in.

Infographic Design

Infographics Graphic Design

8. Business Cards

Utilize your designer’s creative abilities by having them create unique cards that will stand out. Incorporate textures, embossing or dye cutting to make your business card stand out in a pile.

Business Card

9. Sales Presentations

Create reports and sales presentations for potential clients.

Sales Presentation

10. Sandwich Boards

Attract walk by traffic – Elevate your business presentation with rich, eye catching visuals highlighting you and the property.

Sandwich Boards

11. Newsletters

Online and offline newsletters are another great way to showcase your recent accomplishments, sales and data from the local market.


Graphic Design Newsletters

12. Social Media Banner Design

Design advertising banners for facebook and social media marketing. Paid social posts require different design than social or informational posts. Your designer can do both for you, however, it’s important to communicate the purpose and intent of each social media banner design so your designer can design for purpose.

Social Media Banner Design

Social Media Banner Designs

13. Referral Marketing

Since you’ll likely be contacting some of the same customers and previous customers more than once, give your marketing message the best change of being read by changing up the look and feel of your referral marketing graphic design.

Referral Marketing           Referral Marketings

14. Email Marketing Design

Build different templates for different types of customers and leads at different parts of the buying funnel can increase your conversion and it’s important that despite the differences there is some kind of brand consistency throughout all your email marketing design.

Email Marketing Design

15. Lead Capture & eBook Covers

Design the cover of a lead capture products such as buying guides. Our real estate clients have seen great success in using digital lead capture products to increase their prospects and grow their marketing lists.

Lead Capture & eBook Covers

16. Mobile Advertising

With an increase in mobile ad networks, It’s important to build advertising specifically for mobile devices and apps so they render properly and you can maximize your mobile advertising spend.

Mobile Advertising

17. Thank You cards

Express your gratitude with thoughtful and thank you cards.

Thank You cards

18. Postcards

Create a variety of postcards designed specifically to speak to the neighborhoods you want clients in by sending addressed admail.


19. Landing page graphics

Add some unique graphical elements to your sales pages and website.

Landing page graphics

Landing page graphics design

20. Banner Advertising

Utilize your unlimited design packages and build a variety of banners each speaking to a specific target customer group.

Banner Advertising

21. Reports

Jazz up your company reports and stand out amongst your agency peers with well-designed graphics and visually displayed numbers and data.

Graphic Design Reports

 Did you know – Real Estate Agencies can sign up for Unlimited Design Package and share the package amongst multiple agents within their firm.  This makes for extremely affordable graphic design and CFOs love it too because all Design Productive Packages are a predictable flat fee each month. Your design costs will never increase based on revision costs and you own all your artwork plus you get the editable source files to all the designs we create for you. At Design Productive we never want to restrict or limit what you can do with your artwork or with who you may work with in the future. And we feel this is what keeps our customers using our service month over month – predictable costs, incredible value and great design that saves you time to focus on other (more important) areas of your real estate business.

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