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3x great videos on Design

3 Ted Design videos that Entrepreneurs should watch + why

Are you facing creative mental blocks? Lacking creativity in your graphic design? Looking for a lil creative motivation? We get it and it happens to us as well! So we’ve thrown together a quick highlight of a couple inspiring talks that we here at Design Productive have found beneficial and why. Take 10 mins and have a view.

There is a total of thousands of TED and TEDx talks and many dozens of them on Graphic Design and we watched many of them and selected 3 graphic design favorites for you. The 3 best TED videos for self-employed and founders in Graphic Design:

  1. Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister seizes the audience on a magnificent expedition through flashes of his life that completed him happy and has noted how many of these moments to do with high-quality design:

  1. The prominent American graphic designer and typographer David Carson presents a very amusing and interesting lecture on an expedition through the world of design full of motivating breakthroughs:

  1. The renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser plunges himself profoundly in a new painting, motivated by Piero Della From here, he paints what makes a persuasive poster by contravention an idea and making it new:

Creative ideas are often the most important basis for a successful design and campaigns that stick in target customers heads. But without a permanent motivation, you will not be successful even with the best idea. TED brings these two things for many years in inspiring videos, the TED Talks, together. Above in this article, we have presented 3 videos that the founder and self-employed should have seen.

That’s why every Graphic Design Entrepreneur should watch these 3 videos to get motivation and inspiration….ENJOY!

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