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4 Social Media Sins – NEVER do these!

  • 4 Social Media Sins – NEVER do these!

    4 Social Media Sins – NEVER do these!

    Do you have a social media design strategy? We’ll outline 4 key things you should not be doing on social media.

    Social media can be a marketer’s dream come true or their worst nightmare. While most companies and brands have a social media presence to some degree, be it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or anywhere else, many aren’t utilizing their social media profiles to their full advantage. And worse, some companies are committing grave sins in the social sphere – doing more harm to their brands than good.

    Are you concerned that your brand might be violating some of the no-nos of social media sharing? Read on to learn the four social media sins that you (and your brand) should NEVER commit, in order to maintain customers and expand your reach.

    1. Forgetting Your Audience

    The entire purpose you came to social media as a brand was to reach new customers, and that’s what you need to focus on doing. Don’t spend time talking about how awesome you/your brand are and how great you can make your followers’ lives. This kind of one-sided conversation will send followers running to the “Unfollow” button and cost you valuable connections.

    Instead of talking to your customers, talk with them. Address complaints and compliments that are posted to your brand’s page and encourage relevant, organic discussion among customers. As a general rule-of-thumb, posting 80% editorial content of interest and value to your audience and 20% content about your brand, value it can offer to your followers and promotions.

    1. All Tell, with No Show

    Similarly, don’t expect your copywriting to do all of the work for you. Sure, product descriptions and details of upcoming events need to be shared in a fairly boring text-based format. However, many of the things that you share can benefit from the addition of a picture or graphic design that draws visitors’ attention to what you have to offer. A great way to do this is to have a social media graphic design strategy. Work with your graphic designer to create images built for each social platform. Consider ways you can communicate your message with an appropriate image – perhaps an infographic, meme or collage of product images, people enjoying your products, results of your products are some social media image ideas.

    1. Presenting the Wrong Material

    You need to know your networks in order to know what to post. And while this is relevant to understanding the audience and platforms that each social network provides to you, it’s also critical to understand the nuts and bolts of the information that you post on each different media platform.

    We wrote a piece on the business benefit and convenience to social media content scheduler, however, make sure to choose content that is appropriate to each network – ie a funny but also silly meme that works on Instagram, may not be the best social image content for your LinkedIN account. Clue into the information about image sizes and resolutions that work best on your platforms, both in the browser and on mobile devices. When we design for our clients who have a large social media presence, we create social media image sizes unique to each social media platform. Accustom yourself to understanding the ins and outs of social media image optimization to ensure that every photo or graphic your users encounter is clear and of high quality. If you’re not sure about how to go about this process, see how our unlimited graphic design services can help you do more social media marketing, affordably.

    1. Not Putting Your Soul into Your Strategy

    Your products won’t sell themselves, and they shouldn’t have to. While your posts do need to be informative, they can also be fun. Include interesting tidbits about product development or a behind-the-scenes look at your office space, including your favourite dessert or book as a talking point. If you outsource your content or have a social media manager posting, make sure you align with them and get an agreed high-level editorial calendar for the month in advance. As the business owner, you should aim to spend a minimum 30mins posting a week posting yourself. You know the brand and the direction you want it to move so dedicating this small amount of time to supplement a couple posts (even re-posts of other content your audience will find relevant) will go a long way. Get creative and infuse your brand with the personality that makes it memorable in the eyes of your audience.

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    At Design Productive our Unlimited Graphic Design package is perfect for brands who post daily on social. We can create social media graphic design for each of your social platforms. Save time re-sizing images that may not fit or get important items cut off, instead give us your platforms and we will deliver the artwork to you in all the appropriate sizes.

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