You are currently viewing 5 great reads to improve your Mobile Advertising

5 great reads to improve your Mobile Advertising

Anyone who stills says “mobile advertising is the future” is wrong. Mobile advertising IS advertising. People now spend more time on their mobile devices than on their laptops or desktop computers. Facebook has 2 Billion active users, WeChat has 768 Million Daily Active users and as of January 2017, Twitter had 317 Million MAUs, with 80% of these users accessing from a mobile. Your customers are on mobile!

Even if you don’t market an online product or even have online sales – your business still needs to incorporate mobile marketing and create mobile advertising designs. Why put the effort into creating a mobile ad campaign, designing mobile specific ad banners and putting time money and effort into social media graphic design?  Your customers ARE using their mobile and most often it is to check social media. In 2016 Facebook reported that 90% of their users access facebook from a mobile device. Even if your business doesn’t offer online shopping cart, using mobile advertising design to get in front of your customers to create brand awareness and provide quality information they should know about your business is important and can often lead to offline sales.

The ways in which people (and your consumers) use their mobile in their daily life and the avenues now available to target custom designed advertisements and mobile banners speaking directly to a target market segment is both sophisticated and impressive. Facebook allows you to create look-a-like audiences (using their facebook pixel) allowing you to serve your facebook banners and advertising images to an audience who may have never been exposed to your brand but who matches your existing customers. Digital advertising networks can offer powerful re-targeting abilities so you can re-market to target segments based on specific aactions they did or did not take. A basic example would be to use mobile advertising platforms to show everyone who visited your website at least 1x before in the past 30 days a custom banner design with a message specifically for them, while using that same mobile advertising network to serve a different set of banners with a different advertising design and message to people who on the same network who have never been to your website.

As you can see – regardless of if your business is brix n mortar or online, regardless of if you sell a service or a product – it’s not an option NOT to be creating mobile advertising. If this seems overwhelming…well it is and it can be, but it does not HAVE to be. We’ve combiled a list of articles below

1.Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising by Daniel Rowles

The lack of Amazon reviews on this read should not deter readers from soaking in its clear and practical wisdom. (After all, the first edition earned the Judge’s Choice Award in Social Media and Small Business Trend’s 2014 Book Awards.)

The art of harnessing mobile consumers and rising to their challenges is made simple through the discussion of mobile tools and techniques. Author Daniel Rowles offers insight on developing a cutting edge, effective mobile marketing strategy. 

 2.Mobile App Marketing and Monetization: How to Promote Mobile Apps Like a Pro by Alex Genadinik

A self-motivated mobile app developer, Alex Genadinik shares personal mobile design insights and strategies to getting numerous downloads with mobile app marketing. Learn from his broad experience creating top apps and coaching others to do the same.

Filled with plenty of actionable tips and strategies, this 4.5-star book coaches marketers and business owners into profitable app creation. With admission of pitfalls and tips for doing it better, this resource is perfect for beginner mobile app launchers desiring success. 

 3.Mobile Marketing: Ultimate Online Marketing Premium Secrets Best Strategies to Target the Mobile Phone Users Awesome Tactics to Maximize Profit by Anirudh Kataria

The secrets and methods of successful promotion of business messages through business mobilization are revealed by author Anirudh Kataria. Plus, as a bonus, this complicated subject matter is simplified through quality examples and HD pictures.

Picking up this five-star read introduces the reader to mobile marketing, gives seven reasons to mobilize a business and the value of mobile websites. Learn from successful SMS companies their secrets to advertising and promoting businesses.

4.Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy by Anindya Ghose

A world authority on mobile use and the economy, author Anindya Ghose presents research-backed contradictions in consumer behavior. For instance, advertising annoys humans, yet the fear of missing out keeps them engaged.

In light of this behavior, Ghose labels nine forces which form consumer behavior as well as their solo and interplay impact. Furthermore, he brings to light the influence of mobile on buyers, its motivations and opportunities in this five-star read.

5.Marketing Channel: Online Consumer Behavior by Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Yogesh K. Dwivedi and Vinod Kumar

While Amazon offers no reviews or ratings on this book, the theory is worth reading and pondering. Today’s marketing managers recognize that growing mobile and wireless device use raises a significant need for mobile design of effective media.

SMS offers great potential in answering the call effectively. This book details the challenges and limits to this solution while exploring the interrelated issues including consumer behavior and attitude, scope of consumer service, mobile channel structure and consumer multichannel behavior.

*This article was written to provide our readers with valuable info on mobile marketing, mobile advertising and the mobile graphic design needed to conduct full fledged mobile marketing campaigns. Some of the above links contain affiliate links. We have compiled these resources because we know they have helped us and helped our customers and community to build better mobile advertising design and marketing. We hope you too find value in this article and these mobile marketing resource recommendations and if you choose to purchase any of these mobile resources we will receive a small percentage of the sale and this percentage will be used to fund the research and writing of more valuable articles like this one. Thank you and Lets Get Productive!

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