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5 Super Unique Promotional Products

Get noticed at your next trade show with these unique promotional merchandise ideas.

In our increasingly technological and socially driven marketing culture, reaching customers in the “real world” can be a challenge. Promotional products are a great way to connect with potential customers and put your brand in their hands – literally.

But finding the right promo materials can be tough. You want to give your customers something that they’ll use regularly to keep your brand fresh in their minds. You’d definitely rather not give them something they’ll leave behind in their hotel room at a conference or worse, toss in the trash can on their way out of the room.

Finding unique promotional materials will help you to stand out in all of the best ways. At Design Productive we often get client requests to design promotional artwork for their branded merchandise.  We design a lot of promotional merchandise….Here are our favorites:

Portable Power Bank

We’re guessing that all of your customers have smartphones and use them on the regular. Stocking your booth at the next trade show with customized portable power banks that feature your logo will definitely get your name out there! Your customers will always have your name and info close at hand whenever they need to charge on the go.

Herb Planters

Is your client base into the food scene or eco-friendly living? If yes, then herb planters make be the perfect quirky promo to grab their attention. These little boxes feature your logo or a simple graphic design on the outside and all the necessary components to grow a little herb plant inside.

Functional Tote

Everyone loves the company at the conference who brings bags along to help them corral all of the papers and swag they accumulate during the show. Instead of emblazoning some cheap shopping totes with your logo, invest in something a little more stylish and functional to wow your clients and keep your info handy each time they run out the door with more than they can carry.

Custom Socks

We know, we know, socks are that thing that everyone complains about getting in their Christmas stockings. But if you’re in an industry that caters to athletes or medical professionals who are constantly on their feet, you may want to consider designing a custom pair of one-size-fits-all socks to hand out to your potential customers.

Insulated Mugs

Insulated mugs are all the rage right now, and the best brands keep drinks hot or cool for hours. Consider customizing insulated mugs with your business design or company info to keep your name fresh in customers’ minds for as long as their new mug keeps the drinks they love fresh and delicious.

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