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6 Best Free CRM for Small Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses to manage their customer information and automate interactions with customers through emails and other online communications. Online CRM is a convenient way to handle customer interactions and implementing a cloud hosting system can help to free up some of your time for working on other important parts of your business. Many services are paid and require a weekly or yearly subscription however, there are some services that offer a tier of free service. Some services have a pared down free service that brings some premium services for free to smaller businesses with a limited number of users and contacts. Others have a free trial to get you started with using full-featured service for a short period of time before paying for full-featured service later on.

Here are the top six free CRM for small business:

Zoho CRM

Zoho offers a free service tier of their CRM service for up to 10 users, which include multi channel client communications over email, social media, and other channels. Zoho allows you to store information and track sales performance through KPIs and sales monitoring. With your subscription, you get the use of Zoho’s Blueprint, Workflow, and Macros tools, as well as ZIA – Zoho’s personal AI assistant. Finally, app and marketplace integration align your metrics across platforms for easy access wherever you are.


ClickFunnels is an exceptional CRM software. It provides incredible automation capabilities so if you are a marketer looking for a way to automate your conversion funnels and create high converting marketing funnels this is a great option. As a way to see these guys really know their stuff, they have a free funnel optimization kit called Funnel Graffiti you can download here for free. It’s a great resource and you’ll get advice on what kind of funnel to use. Clickfunnels proprietary software conveniently walks you through how to build landing pages with a drag and drop builder – no coding required. Clickfunnels membership also comes with built-in hosting, autoresponder and shopping cart and Clickfunnel’s ‘Actionetics’ handles email and text message marketing   Try it for free here.


Insightly is the largest digital CRM tool out there. It offers a host of features that simplify the work you need to do to run your business and stay in touch with clients. Insightly is free for up to two users, which gives small businesses access to the tools that they need for managing their emails and customer data without breaking the bank. Insightly email marketing tools are of particular note, as they offer a lot of options for customizing your business graphic design and controlling your email campaigns.

Capsule CRM

Capsule offers free sign up and free service for up to two users. With integration for your business apps, like Mailchimp and Freshbooks, you can put all of your business pieces together in one place. Capsule has intuitive displays that give your team equal access to customer information and sales metrics so you’re always on the same page. There are also plenty of customization options to make your data work for you.

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems CRM is just that: really simple. This service is free for two users and up to 250 contacts/customers. Real Simple System has pared down functionality to give you exactly what you need to get your campaigns and communication off the ground. Engagement is straightforward, and the CRM novice can feel at home in no time while navigating this tool. Really Simple Systems also offers one of the cheaper paid services, starting at $8 a month for the lowest tier.


With a free service that provides support for up to 12 users and unlimited access to any feature, including advertising design, Bitrix24 is a great bargain for small businesses. Their paid feature is fairly expensive, though as long as you stay below the five GB storage cap, you won’t need to pay. From website forms to interaction management, and so much more, Bitrix24 has many components that other CRM services simply do not offer. Interaction is simple and straightforward, accessed by a full service dashboard, to keep you up to date with your marketing and sales tools. Customer interaction and data is also secure and easily accessible on the platform to help you customize your campaigns



Any of the above options are solid choices for CRM software for small businesses. As your business grows, you can take advantage of the same software that you love to store your data so that you don’t need to try and duplicate it or move it somewhere else. For most services, standard level tiers open up a lot more storage for around $10 a month, which is often more than worth its value in adding new clients or sales to your company. Whichever CRM tool you choose, you can experiment with incorporating unlimited graphic design to your emails and other media campaigns for a stellar showing. Your customers will be blown away and your sales will take off!

We hope this review has provided you with a good overview of CRM software that exists in the marketplace today. Some of this software we use ourshere at Design Productive with great success, others we have tested. There may be affiliate links included and we have provided a wide range of options with and without links to give you the mose selection and hopefully provide you with the most value.

Whichever CRM system you have or go with, make sure you are building your marketing communication, sales scripts and landing pages specifically to your customer sub-set. If you’d like help building out your target customer profiles download our free customer avatar worksheet.

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