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7x Tools to double your productivity

Want to be more productive? Of course, we all do. In Today’s article we will  focus on ways to help you and your business improve your productivity
As our name suggests, here at Design Productive we are always looking for tips, tricks and hacks to be more productive and we’ve experimented with a bunch of software to help our team create great graphic designs, connect and deliver to our graphic design clients around the globe. So we polled our team of graphic designers, design managers, operations and management and got a list of ‘productivity rituals’ that help us be more productive.

Here’s the shortlist of apps and services to help increase your productivity:

1) Evernote

– Evernote is an online notebook that keeps track of your notes, dates and so much more. Use Evernote to sync appointments and ideas across devices or across your company so that every is in the know when it comes to important concepts and events.
2) Slack
This team talk app gets the job done when it comes to coordinating conversations in one central location. Get your team talking in real time with communication via Slack and watch the ideas and productivity flow.

3) Rescue Time

Monitor your daily habits and create new ones to become more productive than ever. Rescue Time keeps track of your online and mobile activity and displays it to you in easy-to-read graphs that tell you exactly where the hours of your day are going. What’s great is that Rescue Time helps you to reclaim your valuable time by redirecting your energy to tasks that’ll keep you productive every day of the week.

4) Hootsuite

Out of all the social scheduling tools, Hootsuite is our favorite because of its great customer service, their suggestions tool and the feature rich free options. Set aside 15-30 minutes once time a day to schedule all your posts for the next day and be done!

5) Calendly

How many emails does it take you to book a meeting? We tested this:
Frank sends email to Sally.
Frank: Hi Sally, I’m looking to book a meeting with the Graphic Design team on Friday – Do you have 3pm free?
Sally replies 15 minutes later: No Frank, however, 11am can work for me.
Frank replies 30 mins later: Oww no that won’t work for the Graphic Design Team, however, we are all free at 1:30pm can you make that work? …..
You get the picture. Calendly allows anyone you want to view your schedule, select an open time in your calendar and book it. You always have the ability to cancel and it saves enormous amounts of head crushingly painful email exchanges!

6) Zapier

This app is brilliant because it allows you to automate business processes by connecting common work apps. This software automates so many time sucking tasks – it provides HUGE value. (And shhh don’t tell them, but we’d pay more for it – that’s how good it is!)
7) Delegate your design tasks! If you’re not already a Design Productive customer – join us and save yourself a bunch of design headaches. Our service is created to simplify the design process, saving you time to focus on other important business tasks.
Choose a monthly graphic design package that meets your business’ needs, Email us your design requests, we’ll get started and have your designs back in 24 to 48 hours. You can make an unlimited number of free revisions – your design fees will never go up. Plus it is risk-free – you can cancel anytime.

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