You are currently viewing 8 Word Press plugins to sync your blog with social media

8 Word Press plugins to sync your blog with social media

As automation technology continues to improve, automating as much as possible frees up more of your time and can reduce labour costs. Automation increases productivity and reduces man hours – something we are always striving to do at Design ProductiveSo we’ve reviewed a series of WP plugins to help optimize your time, increase conversions and connect your Social Media and your Word Press blog. Have a read below – we’re sure you’ll find a handful of options to publish social media graphics quicker, ensure your ad banners and business advertising pop up appear where they should, when they should on your blog and save yourself a boatload of time in the process. 

1) CoSchedule

If you are in need of a powerful editorial calendar that combines automated social media sharing and content marketing, CoSchedule is the plugin for you. This resource integrates seamlessly into WordPress and works with Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and Chrome as well. CoSchedule is also an excellent tool to engage your entire team into your content marketing strategy. With the calendar, you can schedule publishing of social media images and messaging, monitor traffic to social websites, schedule posts in bulk and save yourself heaps of time. As an added bonus, you have access to CoSchedule’s intuitive headline analyzer allowing you to optimize your article headlines before you post them. For a 2minute glimpse of how CoSchedule can increase your productivity have a look at the video below.

2) NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster

This WordPress plugin will post articles published on your blog directly to social network accounts automatically. The plugin works with every major social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Glogger, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+/Google Plus. You can customize posts with special content and hashtag, as well as images set for social media. One of the greatest features of this application is that posts are shown as shared from you rather than a “posted by” notification on the social media platform. The SNAP Pro plugin allows you to schedule postings and create custom filters.

Social Network Auto Poster

3) Juicer

This plugin will automatically retrieve and publish posts to your social media feeds complete with the hashtags that you choose. You can also add a shortcode to your pages to streamline the process. In addition you can gather content by username and hashtag to post. If you need a customizable aggregator with embed function, this is the plugin for you.

4) MailChimp Social WordPress

The MailChimp Social WordPress plugin creates a funnel that directs your traffic to social plugins that link to your mailing list. The plugin allows end users to subscribe using different social media accounts rather than limiting them to mailing list only. It will still collect their name, birthday and email, or other requested information, and sync it with your MailChimp account. This plugin costs only $8 and includes support.

MailChimp Social WordPress

5) Jetpack

You have probably noticed Jetpack on your default WordPress installation. You may know that Jetpack for WordPress is a single plugin that includes a multitude of widgets to help to automate your WordPress website or blog. What you may not know is that Jetpack offers several social-focused widgets to utilize on your WP site. The various widgets can integrate your site with social media, share posts, social sharing buttons, RSS, sidebar functions, and much, much more! JetPack has many positive reviews (over 885 positive 5 stars!) and the best part about Jetpack is that it is free!


6) Microblog Poster

Did you know that you can refresh old content to post to social media? This strategy allows you to get more traffic to existing, popular content rather. The microblog poster plugin gives you less stress and no mess when auto publishing content from your WordPress blog to social media. Re use social media graphics, facebook banners, and other social media advertising. You can auto publish, republish, filter, add multiple accounts and generate logs to see your history. This plugin also supports multisite.

Microblog Poster

7) Social Media Auto Publish

This simple plugin publishes content from your blog to social networks like Facebook, LInkedIn and Twitter. Once your blog posts are published effortlessly – see which ones are getting most organic traffic, design a social media advertisement and promote your facebook banner by boosting it to your look-a-like social audience. It does allow for some customization and adding post-ready social media images. You customize messages to post to the different networks. In addition, the plugin allows you to filter social sharing based on category or post type. Social Media Auto Publish is free and easy-to-use.

8) SumoMe

This plugin promises to double your email subscribers and social media traffic! With over 500 reviews on the wordpress plugin page (many of them 5 star rated), SumoMe is one of the premiere tools to expand your website’s footprint. The service connects with nearly all email marketing providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit and Vertical Response. It also adds an easy-to-use social sharing functionality to your website. However, the real power of this platform is the many tools devoted to calls to action and conversion points to your readers. SumoMe includes a welcome mat that displays full-screen to users, heat maps to see where users click and a scroll box to collect email. The plugin also has a smart bar that floats at the top or the bottom of the website to encourage email subscriptions, and the highlighter and image sharer encourage social media sharing. SumoMe offers free and paid services. The SumoMe website says you can get started in 37 seconds….if it doesn’t work that quickly or you need a bit of help you can check out the below video on how to install the SumoMe Plugin on WordPress

There you have it, eight Word Press plugins that will sync your blog and share to social media for you. Many of these plugins are free, and some offer other fantastic paid services, resources and tools. If you need help with social media graphic design check out our Unlimited Design Package. At Design Productive our graphic designers are active on social and have created engaging social images, social ads and banner design that help our client’s social media ad campaigns get notice and convert.

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