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What is a Banner Design?

A Banner Design is a graphic image that displays the identity of a brand, product or ad campaign. Your site Banner Maker is the first thing that grabs your visitor’s attention. Thus, you need a Custom Banner Design that’s not only attractive but also consistent with your brand identity.

Types of Banners Design

Before you ask your graphic designer to come up with a Website Banner Design, you need to specify first the type of banner design you need. This important detail will save you a lot of time and effort as each format already has distinct specifications.

Static banners design – These are single-frame banners design that are direct to the point. They usually complement the site’s color and theme. Simple, clean, and classic, static banners design are often called “The Little Black Dress” of banner advertising design.

Flash banners design – These banners contain multimedia content. It is interactive in nature with the user able to hover their mouse on the banner and see changes in the graphics. It uses animation and special effects. When done right, this online banner design has a smoother finish on the viewer’s eyes.

GIF banners design – These are animated banners in a GIF file format wherein the viewer sees a series of frames played in sequence. This should be used cleverly and with caution so as not to overwhelm the viewer. One of the best ways to use this type of digital banner design is to tell a story.

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Banner Design Advertising

Banner design advertising is an effective way to promote your business. Online ads have been reported to help increase brand awareness and purchase intent. You can leverage these banner graphic designs in different ways.

Static banner ads design are great for editorials and articles since they are significantly less likely to clash with site’s page design and layout. This type of banner graphic design is great for behavioral marketing where you only communicate what is relevant to your audience and when you have one main message you want your audience to take action on.

Flash banner ads design reportedly have higher CTR than other banner ad types. You will mostly see this kind of online banner design on big websites such as MSN and Yahoo. Flash banner ads may use a lot of animation and graphics but they come in small file sizes.

GIF banner ads design are supported by most web publishers. It has a certain flashiness to it so it is great for big promos and events. You can control the speed of the animation to ensure that your message is clearly conveyed. 

Tips for Good Banner Design

Banners are mainly created to communicate something about your brand or product. Banners are online billboards and they are often small is size so it’s important when planning your banner design to communicate 1 main message with 1 Call To Action and keep it visually simple. You have a small chance to catch your audience’s attention so focus on 1 message delivered in a simple way and include these 3 components:

  1. Your Company logo – on brand and in your colours and font
  2. Your value proposition – why should the customer care? Why will they be interested when viewing your banner?
  3. Your call to action – what’s the 1 thing you want your customers to do upon viewing the banner?

Whether it’s for your website or for advertising purposes, banners design are great tools to communicate your message and promote your brand. Having a well thought out and appealing banner designing will not only get your viewer’s attention but also move them to action.