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How to Create Web Banner Ads That Get Clicks

Are you looking to increase your website traffic using online ads? Then you should consider using web banner design. Web banner design focuses on creating useful and effective banner ads that target your niche market. Web banner design is affordable, measurable and excellent at increasing your brand awareness. Let’s discuss how having a well designed banner can increase your click through rate.

Banner Ads Broken Down To a Science

Google Adsense has studied and found the perfect dimensions for successful banner campaigns.
These dimensions are as follows:

728×90px — Use these dimensions for a leaderboard style

300×600px — This is appropriate for a half page advertisement

300×250px — This medium rectangle banner size is appealing to customers

336×280px — This large rectangle is eye catching and useful for banner ads

Color selection in Banner Graphic Design

Ever wondered what colors to choose in your banner design? Color matters, in fact there’s a whole psychology of color in advertising! Regardless of your brand’s color – you can have some flexibility in colors that appear in your banner designs and still stay true to your Brand Guidelines and ‘on brand’. Consider the colors in the images or illustrations used in your banner ads or font colors or background texture colors. Have a read on the above link to see how use of color in your banner design can influence your advertising.

The Perfect Place to Put Your Banner Ads?

Now that you have figured out a specific size and shape for your ad, you will want to buy space on web sites where your banner design can be featured and stand out from all the other content on the page. If you are buying ad space on a website (example ‘tenancy ads’) consider the colors, look and feel of that website. If the site is very colorful, consider a black and white banner or black and white image in your banners design as an example.

Perfect Banner Ad Flow

Creating a banner ad that is a hit with potential customers is a dance that requires a lot of attention to detail, skill, and knowledge of your audience. Your ad design should be a balancing act featuring an image, a logo, a call to action and displaying value for your customers. You want your company logo to be included on your banner so that viewers can build brand recognition. Your logo should be visual and stimulating, but not overpowering to the other components of the banner.

The value that you provide should be showcased on your banner. You want to let people know that your services or products are quality, luxurious and necessary. Inform people of discounts that you might be offering or limited time services. The value that you bring forth should be the biggest focus on your ad. Make sure you include a call to action, that gets people clicking and visiting your website. You want them to be engaged and active when seeking information or services from you.

Simple But Complete

The design of your ad should be easy to understand visually, but also appealing to catch eyes and to have people look at your ad more than once. Our eyes are naturally drawn to things that are within a frame. Good banner ads will be created with a clearly defined frame. And since you have the perfect dimension size for most effective banners, you can work a graphic frame around that will definitely get people interested!

The words on your banner should be easy to read. The headline of your banner should be larger than the copy. And you don’t want the copy on your banner to be overly wordy. Make sure to use a bold, easy to read font. Nothing that looks like calligraphy or cursive. It needs to be easily read at a glance. 

Animated banner ads have been proven to do better and engage more customers than static ads. You can utilize this as a means to catch the attention of your potential customers, but do make sure that the animation doesn’t overpower the message you are trying to present. As was mentioned before your animated banner should be simple, quick to grasp and doesn’t loop more than three times. A wise choice would be to make your call of action the last frame of your animation.

If you purchase space on a website to feature your better it would be a good decision to have your banner attract attention but still adhere to the flow of the website; whether it is the color scheme, or the structure of the website. You want your banner to fit in well with the space that you purchased.

Looking for some banner graphic design inspiration? Take a look at Ads of the World for some great global inspiration!

Stay True to Your Name

Make sure that your ad is consistent with your brand and with your other ads. You don’t want your potential customers getting confused as to what your offering or who you are. Make sure that all of your ads feature the same information so that people can instantly recognize that you are the same company reaching out to them.

Use imagery and photos that illustrate your message and relate directly with the products and services you are offering. If you don’t have the means to hire a graphic designer or to hire a professional photographer and models; then you can purchase stock photos to feature on your web ad. There are websites that offer thousands of images that you can use and edit to fit your advertising needs.

There are many other factors that go into the art of creating a beautifully designed and appropriate web banner. These tips and tricks might be overwhelming for someone who is focused on building their business and providing excellent goods and services. If you want to create wonderful banners but don’t know where to start, then you should consider working with an Unlimited Design Agency. They have the expertise and experience to create banners that are uniquely you. And you will be able to build a brand with an excellent team right behind you.

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