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Brand Re-fresh: 5 Indicators it’s Time Your Brand Had One

Your business’ core identity is your brand. These are your company’s collection of characteristics, values, personality traits and ideals, reduced to one noticeable set of standards. However, it is normal for even renowned brands to undergo crises, succumbing to the natural forces of aging, or simply failing to meet the standards of their audience as they used to.

In such a case, you need a brand re-fresh by either modernizing your existing brand or coming up with one that’s totally new. Even so, you need to know when it’s time your brand had a re-fresh; doing so at the wrong time can critically jeopardize your brand image.

This is attributed to the fact that your brand is your messaging and marketing strategies’ foundation, hence the need for consistency to keep your existing loyal customers. So, when do you know it’s time for rebranding?

Top 5 Indicators It’s Time to Refresh Your Brand

  1. Obsolete Brand Image

With ever-changing design trends, your brand image can easily becomes obsolete in a matter of a decade or two. In such a case, you need to reshape your logo, update features on the surface and tweak and update your brand voice for a modern taste.

  1. Addition of a New Demographic to Your Audience

Your brand is relatable and relevant if it targets a specific audience. If your brand has changed to target a new demographic, you need to evolve along the same lines to stay alive.

  1. New Competition

Facing a new competitor can be a threat to your business. If new competition is a challenge, you need to make a defensive move as a way of protecting your business through rebranding. Use new and more attractive standards to differentiate your brand. You can also learn from your successful competitors as you refresh your brand.

  1. Changing Values or Mission

Your brand development is based on your business values and mission. Therefore, if the two change, it’s time for a brand refresh. Your brand must reflect your firm’s true image and identity.

  1. Botched Original Brand

It is possible that the agency or person that developed your original brand did not do a good job. If that’s the case, it’s time to rebrand your business.

Our Graphical Design Services

This is where we come in to ensure that your brand is a true reflection of your company. With your goals already set, we can help you use graphics and text to persuade your audience, attain visual aesthetics so consumers can identify with you, improve efficiency and strategize with an aim of rebranding your business.

You will be able to tell your story, create a good first impression, make your company memorable and recognizable, and differentiate your brand and convert. Moreover, you will get to spend in advance not just to save you money, but also time. You will also get to communicate to your audience and showcase your professionalism in your area of specialization.

We offer unlimited graphic design services, which means a flat monthly fee for design work and you can make unlimited revisions. This makes our services cost-effective and predictable. As part of your rebranding efforts, we can help with your social, bus card and brochure designs.

We have the expertise, skills and experience to carry out your logo re-design and advertising campaign re-launch, working with you every step of the way to ensure our services are customized to your unique needs.

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