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Many people thought that search engines like google would be the death of the Business Card Design. This is because customers can easily access your company details digitally from a search engine and obtain contact details. So why is this the tradition of exchanging Business Cards Online still practiced widely?

Most business conversations are still conducted through face to face interactions. Exchanging Custom Business Cards adds an intimate touch to any business encounter. The Printed Business Card would typically provide your name, designation and personal contact details that your clients would not normally find through a search engine.

Design a business card that people will not throw away

Let’s face it, clients can receive many Business Card Maker at trade conferences and other business functions. Over 27 million Business Cards Online Design are printed daily in the US with 88% end being thrown away a week later. If you hand over a poorly Designed Business Card to a prospective client, chances are that it will end up in the trash can. From a visual perspective, the most appealing Business Card Printing holds the attention of the client and is likely to be filed away for future use. When you are not around to make an impression, your Business Card Designers should work for you.

The Business Card Designing and Business Logo Design  must be in sync with the impression that you want to create about your business. Research shows that people hold onto Business Cards Printed in color 10 times longer than they do to black and white colors. The colors selected should align with that of your business logo. It is important to have your business logo and contact details in the front of the card, as this will be visible should the client file the card away.

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Affordable graphic design

Let our expert graphic design team show you some unique layout tips that will ensure that your Business Card Design stands out from the crowd. Unique textures or special printing material can be used to make your business card stand out. Business cards can be printed from standard card stock which is the most cost- effective material. Creative materials like transparent plastic, wood or slate can also be used. Special finishes can add that professional touch to your Business Card Online. You can use effects like a spot- UV, metallic ink, foil blocking. Interesting textures can be used to make the card look professional and elegant. Speak to us about our affordable graphic design options to make your business card memorable.