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Customer Avatar – the importance of knowing how to speak effectively to your most qualified customers

Creating a customer avatar, or buyer persona, is an essential part of interacting with your clients and understanding them on a more personal level. Your customers have unique marketing needs that require special attention and careful cultivation. However, well-designed customer avatars have an important impact, particularly in the realm of graphic design.

What is a Customer Avatar?

  A customer avatar is an advanced profile that compiles information about your customers for reference. It is highlighted by a visual representation, like a caricature or logo that demonstrates what your ideal or average customer looks like.   The customer avatar is also known by names like buyer persona, marketing persona or target market because it represents the customers that you are trying to reach. When you develop a customer avatar, you are gathering useful bits of information and converting them into an accessible profile that demonstrates your understanding of the target market and helps you to develop a strategy to reach it.  

Why Spend Time Creating Customer Avatars?

  It is important to take the time to create customer avatars so that you can tailor your marketing strategies to reaching the customers that are most likely to respond with interest in your services. While avatar development undeniably requires some time investment, it will save you time in the long run, as you will be able to better target your marketing to your audience, rather than shooting into the dark and hoping you hit your elusive target.

How are Avatars Used in Marketing/Graphic Design?

Avatars are important in marketing and graphic design, as they represent the clients you want to be working to capture. Customer avatars deliver a host of important marketing and sales benefits including:

  • Product promotion – how do you provide relevant content for your desired customers? This includes everything from naming your product, to providing copy content, and honing an email strategy supporting it
  • Paid advertisements – which ads are worth investing in and for whom? Using your customer avatar information helps to direct advertising funds to ads which are most likely going to reach your target market(s) in a positive way
  • Product development – which products are going to make the most positive impact in your avatar’s life? Knowing what your customers need and want will help you to invest in worthwhile products and product lines, knowing that your market will be interested in purchasing your final result.

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