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Design Trends for 2017

Design trends for 2017

 As we wind down 2016, it’s a perfect time to take stock of what’s been hot in the design world and what we are likely to see come 2017.

Based on this year’s trends, it’s safe to conclude that 2017 will offer even more options for graphic designers. Many 2016 trends are expected to stay popular through the coming year.

That being said, there are a couple of new trends that have been popular this year, especially in advertisement design, and are expected to blow up in 2017.

Whether your specialty is website graphics or business card design, these 4 design trends are worth keeping an eye on next year.


 For the past couple of years, minimalism has been a popular trend and it appears that it is not slowing down any time soon. From advertising design to logo design and more, graphic designers have been making the most out of minimalism’s appeal.

Minimalism’s allure stems from its ‘less is more’ approach that focuses on simplicity and functionality.

With its popularity continuing to gain ground coupled with its prominent adoption by tech giants Apple and Google, among others, there’s no doubt that we shall continue to see a lot of it come 2017.

Modern retro

 Like minimalism, modern retro is not new but has been steadily rising through the design ranks. Modern retro fuses retro color pallets and typefaces with modern flare to create sophisticated yet seemingly simple designs.This year has seen the explosion of the modern retro trend and there’s no doubt that we are yet to see the last of it. It’s definitely a trend to watch out for in 2017.

Responsive logo design

 Responsive web design is now the default for every new web design project and responsive logos are no doubt a direct byproduct of that trend. As in responsive web design, responsive logos simply scale automatically to fit a user’s screen size without loss of quality.

In the last two years, almost every graphic design agency has had to review and update old client designs to fit with the responsive trend, in order to accommodate the increasing number of users accessing sites via mobile devices.

Responsive design in general is here to stay and we are sure to see it grow and possibly go a notch up in 2017 as new formats and scales emerge.

 Modular layout design

 Modular layout design has been a popular trend in 2016 as it allows for clean and manageable web pages. In modular design, big chunks of text are broken down into smaller chunks. It also borrows elements of minimalism and if done right can look very professional.

2017 is surely going to be big for modular design and creative designers might take it further by using influences from other design trends to increase its appeal.

Wrap up

 These four design trends are likely to form the biggest design influences for 2017. Client needs for designs are ever changing and as graphic designers, it is mandatory to stay at the forefront of innovation.

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