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Despite claims in some corners, people are reading as much as ever, including in some intriguing new ways. But whether it's a hard cover book or on a tablet, one thing hasn't changed-the importance of the book cover. Yes, that old saying says that "you can't tell a book by its cover". But where readers are concerned, the opposite is true. While a cover design alone may not compel
a reader to actually read the book, studies have shown that it can certainly draw readers in for further examination. So to make that important first impression that will hopefully lead to a purchase, you need to first find a great book cover design company. Read on to learn more about who can provide this service, and how else they can help you and your products to get noticed.

How A Graphics Design Company Can Help

In the "olden" days of publishing, publishing houses had in-house art departments to produce book covers. Nowadays, many books are published at much smaller companies (lacking an art department) or even by individual authors. A graphics design company is a great fit for these situations as they:

  1. aren't contractually bound to use certain images and materials
  2. can show greater flexibility in pricing
  3. can show greater flexibility in order size
  4. can offer book cover design
  5. can offer ebook cover design
  6. can offer book cover layou

And not only is an affordable graphic design far more affordable than many small publishers think,graphics design companies can make multiple design revisions part of their price, something big publishing companies can't afford to do.

Book Cover Desgin

Book cover layout involves a great deal more than drawing a picture. It involves working with typography, grids, photography, acquiring reproduction rights, and possibly hiring illustrators. Professional graphic design companies already have these resources at hand, and can use them to produce highly professional products quickly. Eye-catching book covers are as important to digital books as physical ones. Ebook cover design is certainly a service that graphic designers can provide as well. And while it would seem that such a cover would be easy as it isn't bound by"physical" limitations, such covers are actually more challenging due to size and complexity issues. Putting such a project into the hands of professional designers insures it will retain eye-catching optics regardless of the format that it's viewed in.


Time And Price

What does affordable graphic design mean in terms of price? It can vary greatly depending on desired size and quality. Graphic designers have produced covers on everything from glossy paper to metal. And while time varies too, having book covers professionally done generally is 80% faster than amateur efforts. Clients who want moderate to large "bookstore caliber" orders done may pay anywhere from $500-$2000. And don't forget that graphic designers can produce tie-in book promotional materials as well, such as magnets and posters. So to guarantee that your book cover doesn't just get seen but noticed, turn to a graphics design company for your next project.

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