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Free Logo Design Templates – when to use and when NOT to use them

When designing a new business logo or product logo there are many things to consider.

Are you looking for a new business logo design? Are you launching a new product or new business? Have you asked yourself “should I design my own logo”? If so you may have looked at free logo design software, logo design apps or logo design templates etc. There are some good ones out there.

Here at Design Productive are an unlimited graphic design services and you may think that we would discourage these types of software in fear that it takes away from our business. However, we don’t and here’s why.

Free logo design software can really work for some people, business and brands. These software can give business owners or brand managers a glimpse into logo graphic design complexity, how specific fonts or the layout of specific graphic images impact the overall logo design.

To be honest when our clients use this type of software it actually help our business in 3 critical ways:
1) Logo creation is one of the most time-consuming jobs. Although we love to do it because it is so creative, there are often many more rounds of revisions on these projects and they can get complex quickly.
2) Clients know what they want. If a client comes to us after using one of these free logo design software it is likely for two reasons – they have found what they want or don’t want. A) they found a logo they want and now need a bunch of additional graphic design created to use in the campaigns and marketing communication. From here we are able to help our clients build their brand with the logo. We create favicons and logo variations for different layouts and social media sizes. We provide our clients with business card designs, incorporate their logo into ad designs and graphic design for marketing campaigns. New businesses often also need letterhead, custom PowerPoint templates,
3) A logo design template is not for everyone. For many of our clients, they want something unique. When clients know what they DO NOT want, this is easily as valuable as point number 2 above….. and it is very common for clients to know more of what they don’t want then know what they DO want. So by knowing what our clients do not like – it gives us a great place to start creating business card design ideas they will like.

One other thing to consider….The cost of YOUR time. Many of these software come with a learning curve and you’ll need to spend a couple hours just creating an account, watching a tutorial video and getting to know how to use the software to customize your logo. Deciding where to prioritize your time is a dance that all small businesses constantly do – can I do this myself? Should I do this myself? Is this something I should outsource and if yes can I do it in a cost effective manner? If you’ve recently had a good heart to heart look at your “ToDo” list and have a bunch of items that fall under the “only I can do them” list – then your objective should be to delegate as much of your “To Do’s” that are not critical to be completed by you.
For many of our clients being able to have their design costs set each month, having the piece of mind knowing their costs will not go up if there are multiple revisions and being able to simply email their design manager with their design request – provides them with huge value and time to focus on other priorities.

Some of the best logo design and business card design is done by a professional logo design agency. If it’s important to you that your logo will be totally unique to your brand then the logo design software is not going to work for you and hiring a graphic designer and a professional graphic design agency is your best option to get what you want created quickly.

So whether you have a logo, or if you need a logo we are your flat fee, unlimited graphic design services. Select the package that’s right for your business and try us out today…it’s Risk-free – there are never any contracts.

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