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7 Ways a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

You have finally decided that your dream of starting your own company will push through and you are excited about following the business plan you have created. As an entrepreneur, your wish is for your company to become a brand that people trust. You want your brand to be easily recognized  and valued by your target audience no matter what type of items or services you are offering. Opening your business is not easy. You are going to use a lot of sweat, tears and even blood. Your ultimate goal is to make all the effort worth it.

Delegating your graphic design tasks

It is expected that starting the business can become a roller-coaster ride. It will be harder if you are going to do things ALL on your own. You need key people that will help you improve your business and take some of the tasks on your EVER GROWING “to do” list. Many serial entrepreneurs have given the same advice….look at your to-do list (if you don’t have one make one!) mark every item that does not HAVE to be done by you. This should be at least half of your to do list by the way. Of that separate the list further into items that require full training and items that can quickly be delegated to someone with expertise in the area in a simple email. Then take all these items and start delegating. There are many resources today where you can find online help. One of those areas is Graphic Design.

You are going to be very busy and if you do not have any training in graphic design and marketing…well you’re like the majority of entrepreneurs or business owners.

What if you could hire a graphic design virtual assistant to help you in promoting your business? A graphic designer is someone who is creative and is an expert in customizing different marketing ads in order to promote your business. Experienced graphic designers know general best practices for conversion design, mobile design and email design layout. Once your graphic design VA gets to know your brand (or helps you create your brand) you will benefit from the time put in to achieve this by getting top quality graphic design and marketing materials for your small business at a fraction of the cost of a Full Time, In-House designer.  If you work with a graphic design virtual assistant, you have a higher chance of successfully promoting your business.

Why outsource your Small Business Graphic Design needs to a Design VA?

At Design Productive we offer an On Demand, outsourced design solution which works great for many new and small businesses because it’s flexible and scalable. You can downgrade, upgrade or cancel your design service at any time. We understand that start ups and small businesses graphic design needs change based on their business age and industry cycles. So we wanted to meet these need by providing a truly flexible design solution. Some of our packages even come with a dedicated designer so you have the benefit of working with the same designer who knows your brand and saves you time and effort in the briefing stage and at a cost less than a full time  graphic designer.

1. You can stand out from the competition.

If you are going to have a logo or a brand design that is similar to all the other logos that you will see online, you are not going to stand out. In order for people to see that you are different, they have to see a big difference not only with your products but how you present your brand to them. The graphic design virtual assistant will help improve your business over all the others.

2. You can get the results that you like.

You already have a clear idea about what you want your business to be known for. You also know how you want your business to become promoted however, because of you’re an Entrepreneur and not a graphic designer, you likely do not know how to make this possible. Hiring a graphic designer from an unlimited graphic design agency will have the ability to convey the look that you want successfully.  You’ll have unlimited number of revisions to get it just right all for 1 flat fee.

3. Your business will always be prepared for what the future holds.

The logo, the branding and how you promote your business now will not be the same with how you will promote your business in the future. The help of a graphic design virtual assistant from an advertising design agency you will have the flexibility to change and react to the market and your business’s needs. With a quick 2 day design turn around you can get artwork created to match what the next trends are going to be.  

4. You can save time.

You are doing so many things and thinking about a lot of business details. Do you actually have the time to think about your logo or how your next banner should be laid out?  Likely not – this is where outsourcing comes in. A professional designer will take your basic creative direction and turn it into marketing communications that you can use to speak to your target customers. Allow them to work on this while you focus on the other aspects of your business.

5. Powerpoint presentations can be designed properly.

You need to hold meetings for the different employees you have hired for your business. To get and keep their attention, you need presentations that will truly wow them. Once again, you are focused on doing a lot of things. Creating and designing Powerpoint presentations is the last thing you want to do. Allow the designers to do this task for you will save you a lot of effort that you can use to focus on other things.

6. Social media posts can be more accurate and noteworthy.

Creating a social media page is already expected for businesses both big and small. If you want to get noticed by your target market, you have to update your social media accounts regularly. This will take a few minutes up to a few hours of your time every day if you are going to do it on your own. Allow the virtual assistant to do it for you and it will benefit your business. A Design VA will find social media images for you based on your editorial calendar. A design VA can build custom social media graphics for your articles and they can build made for social advertising banners so your content will always display correctly for the social media they are published on.

7. Design digital advertising banners to be placed on mobile ad networks.

Even if you do know design software – It will take too long for you to actually DO the design. Remember that To Do list we spoke about…ya this is the perfect item to delegate. Once you have developed the advertising creative, the copywriting and selected the perfect images – then comes re-sizing. Any mobile advertising campaign has a multitude of banner sizes required. This is perfect production level graphic design to delegate to your VA, even if you have an in-house graphic design team, one of the more productive things you can do is to have an outsourced virtual assistant graphic designer to create this production level graphic design, resize all your banners and ad sizes so your in-house team can focus their time and effort on the art direction and creating the best creative concepts for your industry and business. Why so many banner sizes needed? The more people who see your banners, the more likely your business is going to be recognized by your target market.

Find talented graphic design virtual assistant that can offer a wide variety of skills that will be useful for your business. It is now time for your business to soar if you would let it. Check out our unlimited graphic design packages here and start delegating to become more PRODUCTIVE today!



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