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Image Background Removal

Image Background Removal

Are you interested in Image Background Remover? No matter your graphic design expertise level, you have the capability to Remove Backgrounds Images. In this article we will share why you would want to remove an image background, as well as a few ways to remove backgrounds from images.

Why you might need background image removal?

One reason you may want to modify the background of an image is to add yourself to a fun location like Hawaii or Paris. However, removing a background image is for more than just making a fun photo, it can also be used for business purposes.

 For example, school photographers take photos on one background, but offer upsell options to add several different backgrounds for proud parents. In the same manner, you may want to modify a Photo Background Remover is to add a photography backdrop to a good photo of yourself to feature on your professional profile. Another reason might be to remove the background of a product that you want to feature on your ecommerce site. A featured product with a white background sells much better than one with showing off your countertop.

Background Image Removal
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How to remove a background image

The first way you can remove a background image is with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or the free software, Paint.NET. With both of these software options, add a background layer and you can use the magic wand to highlight the background you want to remove and simply select, “delete.” You can place your new background in the second layer, and voila! You have a new background. If you simply want a transparent background, leave the second layer alone and save the image as a PNG file.

 Office suite software

It may surprise you, but there are Background Removal capabilities in the Microsoft Office Suite. You can remove the background of a picture in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and even Outlook. You can find this resource in the Picture Tools - Format Tab. Look in the Adjust section and use the “Remove Background” option while the image is selected in your document. There are additional options to mark areas to keep or remove to better outline the object you wish to keep. After you are done, you can right-click the picture and select, “Save as Picture” to create a new background-free file.

Background image removal service

An additional way to remove the background from an image is to use a Background Image Removal service. There are a variety of Background Image Removal Services available online. Many of these services are low-cost and easy-to-use. We recommend Design Productive for all of your Background Image Removal needs.