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Did you know that the 65% of people learn visually (according to Social Science Research Network) What better way to communicate your message than through a visually appealing Infographic Design.  Infographics Designs are a way of visually arranging information in an easily digestible and consumable way. Data, stats, technical process, complex workflows are all great info to include in an Design Infographics format. However, your content doesn't HAVE to be complex, or technical to get tremendous value out of Infographic Designers.

Animated Infographics can be an educational, engaging and extremely creative way to communicate your message.  Interactive Infographics are more likely to be viewed and Our clients use Best Infographic Design to infographics are a great piece to include in a presentation or blog post and there are many great Infographics Designers from all industries found on Infographic Journal. However, if you are looking to showcase stats, facts or figures, from your company, about your product or service then having your design team create custom inforgraphic design is a great way to build your brand’s authority and increase engagement. Design Inforgraphics are more likely to be shared…thank an average picture

The Benefits of Infographics:

Improve SEO:

  1. – Social signals such as a share, like or mention are ‘social signals’ that search engines such as google factor into their ranking algorithms and consider these ‘social signals’ to be a sign of trust.
  2. – Inbound links. Well Designed Infographics are a great way to increase inbound links which will also help with SEO.

Increase Traffic:

A well Designed Inforgraphic presented to a qualified audience can generate huge spikes in traffic driving potential customers, leading to increased conversions


Increase Engagement: Infographics are 30% more

For the potential benefits, Infographics Design are an affordable way to allocate some of you marketing or content budget. With an Unlimited Design Package you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build infographics for many areas – here’s some examples of how our clients have used Best Inforgraphics in their advertising design and content marketing strategies.

Explain a complicated process in a pitch presentation to potential clients

Some things to consider when creating an Infographic Design.