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Mobile Advertising is a basic form of marketing communication aimed at creating awareness and spreading word about a product, service or concept. Mobile Ads Design targets audiences based on the same marketing perspective. Unlike banner ads and posters, Online Mobile Ads exploits the fast-growing use of mobile devices. It has the potential to reach a wider audience than typical Online Mobile Marketing Strategies.

According to a survey report published in 2014, the number of mobile devices in use worldwide surpasses the world’s population. What’s more, the number of mobile users accessing the internet from their devices is always on the rise.

The Prevailing Mobile Advertising Market

People use their mobile devices to access the web and online applications. Mobile Advertising offers a lucrative opportunity for businesses to advertise and promote their products and services. According to the Bureau of Interactive Advertising, the global Mobile App Advertising industry grew by about 65% in 2014. Today, the industry continues to grow, with mobile browsing prevalence always on the rise. Technological evolution is partly attributed to the increasing use of mobile devices. Phones are no longer the gadgets people use primarily for communication with their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Offering access to games, entertainment, learning resources, and information, mobile devices have become an integral part of the modern consumers’ lifestyle and life in general. Mobile phones offer text, social media and Messaging Apps as avenues of reaching a larger audience. Cloud computing supports collaboration on projects, users can connect to their tablets to access word documents, or search the web for information. In 2015, Facebook announced that 76% of its advertising revenue was from mobile browsers.

The Future of Advertising

Mobile Ads Design

Mobile Advertising is the future of marketing. It promotes customer engagement and enhances opportunities for a higher return on investments (ROI). Mobile Marketing results in up to five times more user engagement than email marketing campaigns. With proper use, mobile ads can also improve your business relationship with existing customers and prospects. Developing responsive websites, advertisements and marketing communications for mobile devices ensures that all internet users are able to access your mobile advertising designs irrespective of the screen sizes of their devices. What’s more, responsive advertisement designs come with a range of benefits for your business. Increased customer intimacy through customized ad messages or better personal relationships, cost efficiency, time relevance, increased accessibility or reach and instant results are just some of the benefits your business stands to gain. With an unlimited design package, you have access to predictable monthly services with unlimited revisions. Our unlimited Mobile Ads Design packages offer affordable signage with fast turnaround of 2 days. At Design Productive, we have a team of professionals that can develop multiple versions of your campaigns, product launches, promotions and other ad material to communicate to your customers on all screen sizes for one flat monthly rate. Are you looking for display banners at a fraction of the cost of a full service advertising design agencyContact us today for your business mobile banner design or request for a quote.