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Product Marketing is a more complex discipline than ordinary marketing as it requires research, Market Segmentation and target marketing which is focused on the target market. Broad based marketing activities cover a large base and will not be effective for Product Marketing Design.

Product Marketers start by build a buyer profile to identify what triggers that buyer to buy. Various buyers purchase the same product for several reasons. What location is your buyer purchasing from and through what medium – e.g. online or at a shopping centre? What is the best medium for your product marketing activities to connect with the buyer? Which TV shows does your buyer watch, what newspapers does he read and which social media platforms is he plugged in to.

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Marketing Product Design unique products requires a design team or agency to ensure that product images are portrayed correctly. In addition, we can help create custom Designed Marketing Communications about the product’s features and benefits.

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These differences will help with the positioning of your product. Create targeted messages that capitalizes on how your product addresses the gap which is not covered by other products.

It is important to measure your marketing efforts to establish very early on whether you have the correct market segment and whether your product messages are having the desired results. The product messaging must be consistently used throughout the organization. This means that you must not neglect team training so that they add value and contribute to marketing efforts.Sites like Facebook allow marketers to target specific Market Segments. Google Ads and Bing also provide facilities for advertising to your target market. The segmentation happens automatically and is obtained using cookies and other electronic tactics to profile users.

 Also, this will be an important consideration for product distribution activities.

You will need to position your product as the product that addresses the gap in the market. Researching what similar product offerings contain and how they are marketed provides critical insights.