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Restaurant Menu Covers Design


A well laid out Menu Design showcases the depth and features of a Restaurants Menu Design product offering. Some of our clients refresh their menu monthly, others quarterly and many also have us design feature sheets, wine tasting menus. As a Design Productive Customer, changing your menu is as simple as sending an email with the text you want to change along with any menu images and you’ll have your new menu design back in 2 days.

We specialize in building menu template designs that our clients can re-use creating a unified look that matches or carries forward into a Restaurant’s Business Cards and stationary. We work with our restaurant clients to incorporate unique visual elements into their menu design such as distinct image elements, aspects of a feature dish or the texture from an architectural element inside the restaurant.

Menu Marketing Ideas:

If you are looking to feature some of your wine list, have us design a weekly wine paring Menu Covers that not only highlights your signature dishes but increases the average bill while enhancing your customers experience. Most popular or best selling dishes work well on Feature Sheet Restaurant Menu Covers or can be presented as “recommendations from the Chef” Special event menus can be printed on napkins or coasters. For special tasting Menu Makers or if you have a guest celebrity chef try printing these limited Menu Designing on premium paper and have your chefs sign the menu. Your guests can have a unique take-home

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