Custom Signage Design


Whether you are looking for a large outdoor banner signs or trade show Signage Design, we have got you covered. Signage Designing is one of the largest advertising mediums you will work with and it is important to have an experienced graphic design team like Design Productive in your corner.

Due to size and scale, Signage Design Online can present a few challenges. The sign must be capable of being read and understood from a distance. With outdoor advertising signs, you often find that the reader will be in motion and only has a few seconds to read the sign. Therefore, the size of the sign is important. The golden rule is to keep the sign big and simple for maximum effect.

Outdoor Signage Design

Before you rush off an order signage, it is important to know where your sign will be located. If you are procuring trade show signage, the exact location is important as this will influence the type and size of your signage. Check if the Vinyl Signage will be hanging from above, on the ground (sandwich board design) or located outdoors like a billboard.

In addition, check what type of colors feature at the location. This will assist you to identify what colors can be used to contrast with your location, so that your sign can really stand out.


What if you have multiple locations with a variety of environs where you want to place signage?


This adds another layer of complexity to the brief. We recommend that you consider the requirements of your locations with the highest traffic volume first and adapt the Signage Design for those environs. With Design Productive’s affordable graphic design packages, you will have the added option of designing multiple versions of the Outdoor Signage adapted for the various locations. This will ensure that the design is customized for maximum impact at each location.

In addition, the location may have rules as to the type and size of signs that can be displayed. Trade shows must consider safety as well as the advertising requirements of other exhibitors. They always have specific guidelines as to the size, type, placement and number of signs that can be used at the trade show. Outdoor signage has the added complexity of municipal regulations and building codes that must be complied with.

Affordable graphic design

Contact our expert graphic design team and let them show you some unique layout, printing or texture ideas. Unique textures or special printing material can be used to make your Custom Signage Design stand out. 

Speak to us about our affordable graphic design packages and take advantage of our 2-day turnaround time. Utilize Design Productive as you affordable on demand design team for all your signage needs. An unlimited design package is an affordable way to get all your business graphic design needs met at a fraction of the cost of a full service creative agency.