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Top 3 Best (Most Creative) Ad Campaigns of 2016

So, the year 2016 is all set to bid adieu. The year passed like a blink of eye leaving many memories. Well, we must count only the most beautiful ones of those, which are encouraging enough to be carried forward.

Talking about the advertising arena, 2016 made us witness some commendable creativity and unlimited graphic design ideas. On this context, presented below are some of such noteworthy campaigns, which made a lot of buzz.

Make America Great Again’

Love it or hate it, but the world couldn’t ignored it. And, the result is evident. Well, we are not here to take the political dig anymore. You may not be happy (like many) about Trump being the most powerful person of the earth, but, the result can certainly make you more confident as an ad campaigner.

You can certainly claim that a creative ad campaign can change the whole equation, you like or don’t. Point to be noted here is the budget at which Trump and his ad campaign did the magic. It is here to note that Hillary spent around $9 for one vote, in comparison to less than $5 of Trump. What it signifies is that spending extraneously on advertising companies, graphic designing agency, etc can’t assure you the better outcome, if it is not creatively done.

In other words, a creative campaign can squeeze your budget to half, at the same time doubling the ROI. Moreover, Trump’s campaign was pretty accurate with its strategy. Be it about conveying the message clearly, focusing the targeted audience flawlessly, to incredible usage of social platform, everything fell in place for Trump.

Snap Spectacles

It won’t be wrong to claim that Snap Spectacle is an exemplary case one must follow to understand how exactly the ad campaign should be for a newly introduced product. It thoroughly depicts about how one should select the design packages for his ad campaign that can drag highest attention, at minimal possible expense.

The best part about the campaign was the way managed to convey the cream part of the product, that distinguishes it from its competitors (mostly Google Glass), with absolute perfection. Be it about business logo, advertisement design, or website images, everything was flawless in terms of conveying the business interest in the most creative fashion.

Moreover, instead of advertising at any random site, they were quite specific about the places to showcase. Snapbots, the attention dragging vending machine in numerous crucial cities was too impactful to be avoided.

H&M – ‘Come Together’

H&M-Come Together is another case of ad campaign that depicts one doesn’t always need to be over- spending about technicalities nor don’t need extremely expensive graphic design packages to be successful.  It showed that if the creative instinct of your campaign managed to influence the potential customer, your campaign can be effective.

Well, it’s a different case that a movie director (Wes Anderson) was there to streamline the campaign. It’s true at the same time that they got incredible success through the TV ads, powered by Anderson’s excellence.

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