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A Website Image Design is often referred to as the door to a company. Perceptions created about the quality of the company often correlate directly with the quality of the construction of the company’s website, including the website graphics and user interface.

The objective of a quality user interface should be to create a virtual world for the user which engages them, allows for easy navigation, and converts into a positive image of the company. Web Design Images or Website graphics Design function as a visual representation of ideas and feelings that enhance the quality of the user’s experience. Correctly used, the Image Website Graphics play a crucial role in reinforcing the branding and messaging of the company.

Three types of web images used in website graphic design

Typical examples of Website Image Gaphics are designs, diagrams, charts and other image forms. 

Iconic website images are those that are very well known e.g. the image used to show direction like an arrow or that of a house for the homepage. If you are going to use website graphics for the navigational structure of your website, it is best to use Iconic Images so the user knows exactly what will happen when the click an icon.

Symbolic website images are more abstract representations of a thing e.g. the Nike logo is represented by a ‘Swoosh’ which depicts the wings of the goddess Nike. To a person that is not familiar with the logo and its meaning, the symbol will represent the tick of the correct symbol. It is important that Symbolic Images are chosen correctly and can be understood by the target market.


The use of Indexical Website Images is more common in website design. They are used when we want to shy away from the literal meaning (e.g. portraying happiness with a smile) and use an image that engages our users emotionally (e.g. portraying happiness through a more abstract image of a child running with a puppy on a beach).

When publishing your Stock Photos and Image Design remember to consider image naming structure. Properly naming your Stock Images for search engines is a no-brainer way to increase your brand’s reach and increase traffic to your website. For a quick reminder on Image SEO check out Yoast SEO.

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