Small businesses don’t have the luxury of investing in every digital marketing media. However, any business without marketing is incomplete. Hence social media marketing is a good ROI option for the small businesses because of it’s affordable price point and targeted access.

3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Make Social Media Priority

1 Social Media Lets You Set a target Audience

Unlike print, television and radio advertisements, social media lets you focus your marketing budget and efforts on sub-sets of your targeted audience based on various parameters. Location, age, gender, or interests, you can have a customized audience for your product or services which are more likely to be interested in what you have to say or sell. Reaching a more qualified target will increase your campaign’s results.

2 Social Media Takes You Direct to Customer

The options to comment, message, and chat are available only in social media. Thus, one to one conversation with your targeted customer gives you the upper hand in making and maintaining a good relationship with potential customers. You can also get their valuable feedback to improve your products and services.

3 Better Brand Reach & Retention

Reaching out to people on a personal level via social media increases your brand’s goodwill. Word of mouth promotions are a byproduct of it. Your brand gets recognized well and you stand tall amongst the competition.

And, it’s how you represent your business on social media channels, which makes all the difference. Check out these 3 facts…..

Studies have shown that visual/pictorial content increases the eagerness of the people to read the content by 80%.

If people read a content piece, they remember only the 10% of it after three days, if they see a visual representation of it; they remember 65% of it.

65% of the senior internet marketers use photos, illustrations, infographics, and video to showcase their brand stories online.

Do nicely designed visuals impact you? Along with good content creators, a good graphic designer is extremely important. Well-designed graphics relevant to your content increases the chances of your content being seen and remembered by your target.

So, don’t play it loose with your Graphic Design. A company offering unlimited revisions with the graphics is a deal to grab onto. Small businesses need graphics on a regular basis if they wish to grow and an Unlimited Design Agency can be a very affordable option.